Characterictics of casting materials as well as of castings

For the field of material examination our company is equipped with all established methods of static, dynamic and cyclic characterization of mechanic technological features of diverse materials for loads up to 250 kN and a temperature range from -196 to 1200°C. Beneath the methods of destructive material testing the Service GmbH offers all common material testings. The sampling production is carried out with CNC engines working – even with higher quantities of samples – with precise constancy and within narrow tolerances. All material testings are based on valid norms and test specifications (EN, DIN, ISO, ASTM, SEP, etc.). Deviant testing have to be fixed individually.

All samples can be prepared and executed.

  • tensile tests
  • short-term creep tests
  • hardness testing
  • impact test
  • bending test
  • residual stress measurement (drill hole or splitting process)
  • cyclic material testing
  • non-destructive material testing
  • evaluation and optimisation of static and cyclic as well as thermo-physical material features
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