Moulding material analysis and extensive examination

The main purpose of manufacturing and moulding technologies is process enhancement e.g. in fields of mould and core making. Part of this is also the cause analysis of casting defects as a consequence of moulding materials. BDG-Service GmbH is providing an efficient moulding material laboratory, which enables us to run extensive examinations of sands, moulding sands, regenerated materials, additives and consumable materials for mould and core making, in order to establish corrective measures and permanent process improvements.

  • determination of particle-size distribution parameters by sieve analysis
  • examination of sands, clay bonded and chemical bonded sands
  • analysis of bentonites,additives containing corbon hybride and mould coating materials (black coating and black washes)

In moulding material analytics we operate according to BDG guidelines (formerly known as „VDG information sheet“) and German standard methods..