Imaging and chemical analytics

The scanning electron micrography offers multiple possibilties of imaging and chemical analystics for almost all kinds of samples. Images up to 30.000x magnification can be achieved. Beneath metallic samples it is also possible to examine other materials (except for liquids) by SEM. Low pressure technique allows the testing of nonconductive samples without preparation. So this method is of high interest for the field of moulding materials. In addition there are just little restrictions in accordance to sample geometry. It is possible to examine samples up to a length of 20 cm without preparation.The materials can be identified pertaining to their chemical composition by the linked micro analytical EDX/WDX examinations. As analysis are fully automated examinations of wide ranges of the samples can be executed without loss of resolution.Furthermore we offer topographical examinations, e.g. in accordance to roughness and edge measurement.

  • fracture surface examination by SEM
  • examination of shrink holes and gas cavities
  • evaluation of abrased surfaces
  • examination of moulding materials, filters and refractory materials
  • chemical identification by EDX without preparation (e.g. non-metallic inclusions
  • long-term EDX analytics
  • WDX examinations
  • sample preparation