Metallographical methods of testing for quality evaluation

Relating to material and component examination metallographical inspection methods are essential in connection with quality testing and failure analysis. Our company works with the lastest metallographical testing methods and adapts them to the specific definitions of our projects. For the service offer of our metallography our laboratory is provided with a state-of-the-art sampling preparation and microscopy, digital image analysis, processing and archiving included. The advantage is that on basis of the results of metallographical examinations production conditions and component behaviour can be evaluated. We of course are prepared to execute such examinations by mobile metallography on site at our customers. All testings will be documented and evaluated by our experts.

Stereo microscope

  • evaluation of fracture surfaces (crack initiation, brittle fracture, ductile fracture, fatigue fracture)
  • examination of casting defects as e.g. shrink holes, gas cavities and slag inclusion
  • characterisation of surfaces (inclusions, corrosion products, wear characteristics)

Reflecting microscope

  • hot and cold embedding of metallographic specimen, automatical grinding and polishing
  • identification of casting defests (sand, slag, gas cavaties, etc.)
  • image analysis and visual evaluation of graphite form, size and alignment in GJS, GJV, GJL
  • pore analysis in castings of non-ferrous casting materials (according to BDG guideline P 201)
  • evaluation of the general microstructure condition (as-cast condition, heat treated, transformed, etc.)
  • evaluation of quantitative phase proportions (e.g. ferrite/pearlite portion)
  • purity grade analysis of steel castings
  • coat thickness measuring (e.g. galvanic zinc), hardness penetration measurement with microhardness test

Mobile metallography

  • production of metallographic specimen
  • microstructure analysis
  • evaluation of graphite formation and metallic matrix
  • examination of microstructural defects